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Publicado: 12/07/2010 en Aplicaciones

Buscando fuentes para la anterior entrada encontré dos testimonios sobre Scrivener que me gustaría destacar en Tecnele.

El primero es un artículo sobre el uso de Scrivener en la enseñanza. El artículo está en inglés, pero vale la pena el esfuerzo.

Today I’m writing about Scrivener, an enhanced word processor from the folks at Literature and Latte. If Things is an important part of my daily workflow, Scrivener is essential. In fact, more than any other program Scrivener ensures my loyalty to the Mac platform and helps me quash my desire for a netbook (I’ve yet to find a comparable composition tool for Windows or Linux, but please let me know in the comments if I’ve missed one). I don’t remember how I wrote before discovering it, and I can’t imagine writing without it.

So that’s high praise—perhaps a bit overblown—but this software changed the the way I think through, organize, and perform my professional writing. As with Things, I won’t aim to give a complete tutorial: Literature and Latte hosts a series of video tutorials on their website that will walk you through most of Scrivener’s features. Instead, I’ll try and detail why I find Scrivener valuable for academic writing and teaching.

[Puedes seguir leyendo aquí.]

El segundo es un screencast que ofrece una rápida y concisa idea de las posibilidades de Scrivener.



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